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About Me

As someone who has taught 1st, 2nd, and 5th grades, I was obviously already swimming in children's literature well before I started this endeavor. Once becoming a mom, well, our bookshelves are starting to buckle and I'm not one bit sorry! My husband, two daughters and I love nothing more than exploring the outdoors and reading together. In my mind, there's absolutely nothing better.

I stay at home during the day with my girls which affords me the time and capacity to focus on providing our public with high quality, diverse children's books. I am here to help us all find the books we need for any occasion. If I could create an app that would generate a list of age appropriate, high quality books for you on the subject of your choosing I would, but for now, you've got me for all your book hunting needs. 

Picture books are the catalyst for the best conversations that happen in our classroom and at home, they can help start those discussions and teach us how to navigate new situations. Therefore, I want to and your children or students to find the best of the best.

I work with publishers and authors who send me work directly, as well as scour all our local bookstores and libraries to find the books that aren't new but are just as fantastic and powerful as ever. 

You can email me questions, book requests, 
or publishers and authors can email me regarding book reviews.

I no longer accept digital files for review.

Follow me on Instagram @whatsakidtoread for your daily dose of kidlit.


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Macaroni and Cheese in the Bathtub

"Peace is being different, feeling good about yourself, and helping others. The world is a better place because of YOU! Love, Todd"
        I was talking with my husband the other day about how excited I was to team up with Todd Parr for some giveaways and general appreciation of this published works. Then, mid-sentence, my husband stops me and says "wait, like...macaroni and cheese in the bathtub Todd?!" Not only did I appreciate his enthusiasm, I also really appreciated the fact that we have read Todd's books so many times with our children (and for me, with my students) that "macaroni and cheese in the bathtub" makes complete sense to both of us.

       Before becoming a stay at home mom (by day) I was a full time elementary school teacher. My first two years of teaching I taught first grade, and then went on to teach both second and fifth grades. Todd Parr's The Peace Book is one of my all time favorite books as a teacher and now as a parent too…

A Glimpse of 2018

A Glimpse of 2018 - Picture Books
That's a wrap folks! 2018 was such an exciting year! My oldest turned 4 (weird!) and youngest turned 1 (weirder!) I started up teaching again after taking a year off due to pregnancy and newborn life. We finally bought ourselves a camper (we love our Rpod!) and went on many expeditions both near and far. Last but not least, I started What's a Kid to Read. On a whim, I sat down and decided that I needed to channel that nerdy bookworm tendency to bore my friends and family with talk of our newest most favorite books, and I created both an Instagram page dedicated to daily book posts (@whatsakidtoread) and this site. For a while I tapered off from blogging as my daily book posts and stories were exciting and fun and that was where I wanted to focus my energy. However, after many requests from followers for specific types of books, I am eager and excited to start blogging again sharing books lists and more! So I am going to start with a glimpse i…

Acceptance and Friendship

There's nothing better than a book that reminds you of all the good that is still in this world. A book that opens the doors to essential conversations about accepting others and showing kindness. I love hearing my 4 year old's perspectives on these books and concepts when we read. She says these powerful things like "why are they being so mean? they don't even know her!" or "I don't like him, but I know that the only way to teach someone bad to be good, is to be nice to them" It's a pleasant reminder that although our lives and situations can become "complicated" - when it comes to human to human interactions it really is that simple. Be Kind.

Below is a list of our current favorites that in one way or another touch on issues of acceptance and friendship.

The Boy and the Giant (pictured above) is a beautiful story about learning the importance of taking the time to welcome and accept others. In this book the boy does not believe h…