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A Glimpse of 2018

A Glimpse of 2018 - Picture Books

That's a wrap folks! 2018 was such an exciting year! My oldest turned 4 (weird!) and youngest turned 1 (weirder!) I started up teaching again after taking a year off due to pregnancy and newborn life. We finally bought ourselves a camper (we love our Rpod!) and went on many expeditions both near and far. Last but not least, I started What's a Kid to Read. On a whim, I sat down and decided that I needed to channel that nerdy bookworm tendency to bore my friends and family with talk of our newest most favorite books, and I created both an Instagram page dedicated to daily book posts (@whatsakidtoread) and this site. For a while I tapered off from blogging as my daily book posts and stories were exciting and fun and that was where I wanted to focus my energy. However, after many requests from followers for specific types of books, I am eager and excited to start blogging again sharing books lists and more! So I am going to start with a glimpse into our 2018 favorites (books we read and loved in 2018- not their release date, some are rather old but still as fantastic as ever!)

So here we go! Our TOP TEN from 2018, in no specific order.

be kind

Be Kind

It is right there in the title! Showing how acts of kindness not only make a singular difference, but that they can actually snowball into something so much greater. My daughter loved finding all the acts of kindness on each page and explaining them to me. Such a great read and message for all ages.



This book was actually our very first book post on @whatsakidtoread! Honestly, this book lit that fire in me to get this site going and I am so grateful. It's one of those books that may not come up in everyday conversation, but I wanted so badly for people to know about! A story of a little girl who can't quite do things the "right" way and is always seeming to get into trouble for just being herself. Until in the end, she finds the perfect way to channel her big personality. My oldest absolutely loves this book, you simply cannot read the book without a big smile on your face at the end.

all are welcome

All Are Welcome

Beautifully diverse illustrations and a rhyming storyline show what it looks like to be part of an accepting school and society, and celebrate it! Every time I mention this book I feel the need to say that it belongs in every classroom across the country. It really does. A wonderful message we should never stop spreading.

drawn together

Drawn Together

One of the most visually captivating picture books I have ever come across (but we wouldn't expect any less from Dan Santat) Pair that with a beautiful message about a boy and his grandpa finding common ground even when they don't speak the same language and you've got one spectacular book. We loved laughing about the funny faces the grandpa makes in the illustrations and seeing their relationship form just warms your heart!

last stop on market street

Last Stop on Market Street

We are big fans of author/illustrator duo Matt de la Pena and Christian Robinson, check out their work! This book is about a boy and his Grandma riding the bus around town, and it shows you how you can find beauty and happiness in your surroundings if you look at things the right way.

me and my fear

Me and My Fear

Wow, this book absolutely took my breath away. The soft illustrations and strong content make this book memorable and valuable in a big way. About a girl who walks around with her "friend" fear, and sometimes her fear gets bigger and holds her back from doing things she wants to do. When we turned the page near the end of the book my daughter said "look, everybody has their own fear!" It's a pretty special picture book that elicits that depth of a response in a 4 year old.

dear girl

Dear Girl

A must-have for all girl moms and dads, and a great gift for any girl you know! I was super excited to find out they are coming out with a Dear Boy edition as well. This book is written in the form of short letters to a girl and it reminds girls to be themselves and love who they are. It made my mama eyes well up with tears!

i am enough

I Am Enough

"Like the sun I am here to shine. Like a ladder here to climb, and like the air, to rise above." This book makes your heart swell with pride and sends a message I hope my girls grow up hearing every day. You are enough. A great book for promoting kindness and acceptance, which makes it another one that belongs in classroom libraries across the country!

the smallest girl in the smallest grade

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

Who doesn't love a book about the "little one" rising above and creating change!? About a little girl who observes her peers hurting one another and finally speaks up (with her little finger adorably in the air catching everyone's attention.) I think the most powerful part of this book is that the author Justin Roberts chooses to acknowledge that even after a courageous act by a little voice, some may go right back to their unkind ways. BUT the message is out there and slowly, one act at a time, change can happen if people choose to speak up.

the peace book

The Peace Book

This book (along with all books by the author Todd Parr) has long been a personal favorite of mine as a teacher. Now as a mom, it has taken on a whole new meaning and even after hundreds of reads and snuggles this book continues to bring happiness and hope to my heart. There are limitless activities that you can do with this one as well! My daughter really enjoyed creating her own Peace Book, and I love that I can use the simple text to practice signs with my youngest. We have two copies of this book (board book and paperback) and both get used! What is peace to you?? To my four year old it is dancing under the sun and eating popsicles, obviously.

And there you have it! It was challenging to just stick to 10, so be sure to follow me @whatsakidtoread on Instagram so you can see all the other wonderful books we are enjoying on a daily basis. Until next time, happy reading!



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