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A Glimpse of 2018

A Glimpse of 2018 - Picture Books That's a wrap folks! 2018 was such an exciting year! My oldest turned 4 (weird!) and youngest turned 1 (weirder!) I started up teaching again after taking a year off due to pregnancy and newborn life. We finally bought ourselves a camper (we love our Rpod!) and went on many expeditions both near and far. Last but not least, I started What's a Kid to Read. On a whim, I sat down and decided that I needed to channel that nerdy bookworm tendency to bore my friends and family with talk of our newest most favorite books, and I created both an Instagram page dedicated to daily book posts (@whatsakidtoread) and this site. For a while I tapered off from blogging as my daily book posts and stories were exciting and fun and that was where I wanted to focus my energy. However, after many requests from followers for specific types of books, I am eager and excited to start blogging again sharing books lists and more! So I am going to start with a glimpse